Hessians and Blackwater

Most Americans have forgotten the Hessians, the mercenaries the British hired to fight against us in the Revolutionary War. These Hessians were mercenaries, fighting for money, not for any moral cause.

The Blackwater "security" people are mercenaries who come from all over the world, South Africa, the Congo, Chile, Nicaragua and other places. Though Blackwater is an "American firm," its mercenaries are not all Americans, though some are.

They, like the Hessians, are there for money, to do the bidding of those who wish to occupy a land against the will of the natives of that land. We label these Iraqis "terrorists" for fighting for their families, their homes and their religion—and we label Blackwater "security forces"! Ah, what euphemisms, wrongful labeling and upside down semantics can do for you.

According to the AP and Reuters wire services, the mercenaries of Blackwater outnumber our American troops in Iraq. Remember also, that we, as taxpayers are paying for these mercenaries to work for the benefit of Halliburton, Bechtel and other American companies. Blackwater was not invited in by American taxpayers, nor by our Congress. Not only that, but they have caused so much mischief, that according to some veterans, there have been firefights between U.S. troops and Blackwater mercenaries. Blackwater has no rules of engagement and no desire or regulation to follow Geneva Conventions—and in most cases that have been reported, they have not.

Why is Blackwater protecting our State Department personnel when we have American troops that could do the job as well if not better? Is it possible Blackwater is there to kill people, not to protect our personnel? How many Americans realize we've helped create a Hessian monster in Iraq that has killed thousands of Iraqi civilians, as was exemplified last week when civilians were killed needlessly because some macho Blackwater killers opened fire on civilians because they were to close to a convoy they were "protecting"!

[Excerpt of an article by Dr. Sam Hamod, ICH]

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