Local Cherry Blossom music festival

Spent the morning, and then enjoyed lunch, with long-time friends and supporters.

After an afternoon business meeting, accompanied other friends to a local Cherry Blossom music festival.


Tummy problems and cherry blossoms

Somewhere along the line, in between my last 4 flights (Cebu-Manila-Bangkok-Seoul), I encountered something that didn't agree with my stomach. So as a result I wasn't in the best of shape in Korea nor upon arrival in Tokyo.

To add to the scenario, there was an almost comical mix-up concerning my getting picked-up at Narita airport (Tokyo) and my cell phone wouldn't work for either calls or text messages, so had to call up help in the form of Skype which I was able to access with my laptop.

Well, when things don't go as well as hoped for, I always try to look on the bright side. = Thank God for the good health and good communications I have enjoyed thus far on this trip!

I got to bed early and ended up sleeping a full 14 hours and now feel much better.

And outside my window I awoke to cherry trees blossoming! Nice spring weather --though I find it much colder than the weather I have experienced the past weeks.


Quick stop-over's in Manila and Seoul

I fly out of Cebu today to Manila, where I have a meeting near the airport, interviewing potential Project Managers, before departing the Philippines.

Though I will briefly be in Korea, I won’t be meeting with Tim Peters of Helping Hands Korea this trip.

Concerning my upcoming stop -- Japan-- the timing is good as it should also allow me to catch Cherry Blossom season. (The Japanese turn out in large numbers at parks, shrines, and temples with family and friends to hold flower-viewing parties when the cherry trees bloom.)


Leaving Thailand, next stop Philippines

So after a couple meetings today, including with another set of FCF Project Managers, plus a chance to unwind for a couple hours at a water park, I'm now leaving Thailand, next stop Philippines.


Good bye Africa, hello Asia!

I'm sitting at the Johannesburg airport, awaiting my flight to Thailand (via a connecting flight).

So in a few minutes, it's good-bye Africa, and hello Asia!

Upon arrival in Bangkok, and collecting my bag, I need to connect to a domestic flight to the north of Thailand, so have a lot of hours of traveling ahead of me. Hoping that my jet lag will be minimal!

I'll be back in touch in a couple days.


Goodbye Nigeria - Hello South Africa!

Our Project Manager here, Josh, got me a pass to the First Class lounge, after facilitating the process through the otherwise tedious steps necessary to depart Nigeria. So I am relaxing here at Lagos airport awaiting my flight to South Africa. (With my connection and all, it will be close to 12 hours before I touch down in Jo'Burg.)

Though my flight doesn't leave for 2 hours yet, I am resisting the urge to partake of the free bar of very top brands, as I finally have just gotten on schedule for the African continent! But having a couple crepes, crouissants with an Earl Grey, etc

Trip here went very well, covered a lot of territory and thankfully still in one piece. I trust South Africa will be easier travel, though more of a whirlwind tour, 4 project site visits in 3 cities over 8 days.