Tummy problems and cherry blossoms

Somewhere along the line, in between my last 4 flights (Cebu-Manila-Bangkok-Seoul), I encountered something that didn't agree with my stomach. So as a result I wasn't in the best of shape in Korea nor upon arrival in Tokyo.

To add to the scenario, there was an almost comical mix-up concerning my getting picked-up at Narita airport (Tokyo) and my cell phone wouldn't work for either calls or text messages, so had to call up help in the form of Skype which I was able to access with my laptop.

Well, when things don't go as well as hoped for, I always try to look on the bright side. = Thank God for the good health and good communications I have enjoyed thus far on this trip!

I got to bed early and ended up sleeping a full 14 hours and now feel much better.

And outside my window I awoke to cherry trees blossoming! Nice spring weather --though I find it much colder than the weather I have experienced the past weeks.

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