Goodbye Nigeria - Hello South Africa!

Our Project Manager here, Josh, got me a pass to the First Class lounge, after facilitating the process through the otherwise tedious steps necessary to depart Nigeria. So I am relaxing here at Lagos airport awaiting my flight to South Africa. (With my connection and all, it will be close to 12 hours before I touch down in Jo'Burg.)

Though my flight doesn't leave for 2 hours yet, I am resisting the urge to partake of the free bar of very top brands, as I finally have just gotten on schedule for the African continent! But having a couple crepes, crouissants with an Earl Grey, etc

Trip here went very well, covered a lot of territory and thankfully still in one piece. I trust South Africa will be easier travel, though more of a whirlwind tour, 4 project site visits in 3 cities over 8 days.

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