EduServe Teacher Training program

Family Care Foundation's partner here in Karachi, Family Educational Services Foundation, also operates a teacher training program, EduServe. The EduServe program is designed to strengthen the local educational infrastructure by training teachers, administrators, and parents.

Teacher Training Seminars are held on weekends to make it convenient for local teachers to attend, and at subsidized prices depending on their ability to pay.

Courses conducted include:

  • Early Learning Techniques
  • Sight Reading and Encyclopedic Knowledge
  • Motivational Teaching Skills and Methodology
  • Classroom Control and Discipline
  • Group Management
  • Classroom Organization and Management
  • Time Management
  • Basic English Skills and Communication
  • Story Telling
  • Mega Skills: Character Building

Additionally, FESF produces a series of educational audio/visual materials that are widely used in schools and institutions throughout the country. Other FESF activities include music therapy for mentally and physically handicapped children, organizing activities for orphaned and homeless children, and educational seminars for parents.

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