Support the troops!

According to the Washington Post (Feb. 9, 2008), Bush's $3.1 trillion federal budget provides no funding for his State of the Union address proposal, to permit military members to transfer their unused education benefits to family members. Bush got applause for his nationally televised words, but the troops and their families got no money in his budget.

The only money that Bush and Congress want to give the troops is what is required to keep them at war. They have already spent in out-of-pocket and future costs at least $1,000 billion. Every American can draw up lists of better uses of this immense fortune than blowing up a country's infrastructure and killing hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

"We support the troops!" is the excuse the Democrats have given for continuing to fund Bush's aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan. But war funding doesn't support the troops. It supports an evil machine that chews up and spits out the lives and well being of the troops, along with that of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan, men, women, and children.

[Excerpt of an article by Paul Craig Roberts, Creators Syndicate]

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