Bush 'Divorced From Reality'

Statements by President George W. Bush and General Petraeus about how "astonishingly normal things have become in Baghdad" have gotten media attention of late.

The recent surge in violence, especially in Sadr City, would not immediately support these views, with correspondents on the scene saying that for the first time they are quite openly seeing snipers on the roofs of buildings and more disturbances on the streets.

In the past few days we have seen some 17 American soldiers killed.

Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel dismissed suggestions that the surge or Petraeus' expertise was responsible for the pre-Basra reduction in the insurgency across Iraq. Gravel said the reduction [in the insurgency] had been bought with US taxpayer money and that the relative calm would end as quickly as the money did.

"Do you know how much money Petraeus has been handing out to Sunni warlords?" he asked. "To suppress the violence. Do you really have any idea?"

Continuing the war under the illusion that progress is being made, Gravel said, is indicative of how out of touch Bush really is.

[Excerpt of an article by Chris Gelken, Oh My News]

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