Memorial Day tributes to the dead are easy

[On Memorial Day] much of the media rolls over backwards to glorify war and all the soldiers slaughtered in wars. Tributes to the dead are easy; the dead don't talk back.

Civilian casualties are not mentioned, nor ­ post traumatic stress syndrome, Agent Orange, or Gulf War syndrome. The deleterious health effects of depleted uranium (used in today’s weapons) is likewise ignored.

This Memorial Day weekend, while the media replays endless tales of dead soldiers, living soldiers in Iraq will try to stay alive, dodging a slew of daily resistance attacks, in a nation our leaders invaded not because they had to, but simply because they wanted to.

The media [suppresses] the truth, which is that the war in Iraq is a massive foreign policy failure; Iraq is a failed state, an incredibly chaotic unstable mess where tens of thousands of Iraqis have died needlessly.

[Excerpt of n article by Kristina M. Gronquist]

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