America’s war on American-trained extremists in Pakistan

A secret order issued by George Bush giving US special forces carte blanche to mount counter-terrorist operations inside Pakistani territory raises fears that escalating conflict was spreading from Afghanistan to Pakistan and could ignite a region-wide war.

Following the unprecedented executive order, signed by Bush in July, US navy Seals commandos, backed by attack helicopters, launched a ground raid into Pakistan last week which the US claimed killed about two dozen insurgents. Pakistani officials meanwhile condemned the raid as illegal and said most of the dead were civilians.

Meanwhile Peter Chamberlin suggests that it is American-funded "Islamists" who are destabilizing Pakistan to justify American intervention to seize Pakistani nukes before the American-funded "Islamists" can get their hands on them.

All those who are being accused and targeted by America's cross-border raiders are the extremists like Jalaluddin Haqqani, whom we have trained and supported in the past.

The areas being targeted in Bajaur and S. Waziristan are the locations of former CIA training camps and American/Saudi-funded madrassas.

Other raids have targeted Baitullah Mehsud and his men (who are also tied to secret American training programs), who move freely throughout the region promoting the terrorism that will justify American actions, in possession of the most-advanced communication gear and possibly even satellite intelligence.

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