When Republicans join with Democrats

Everyone said the bailout bill would pass. But what they didn't know was that hundreds of thousands of Americans woke up and decided it was time for revolt. Millions of phone calls and emails hit Congress. [The Congressional races are coming up!]

A lot of people are wondering why the right wing of the Republican Party joined with the left wing of the Democratic Party in voting down the thievery. Forty percent of Democrats and two-thirds of Republicans voted against the bill.

Here's what happened: The Republican reps are so scared of losing their seats, when this "financial crisis" reared its head two weeks ago, they realized they had just been handed their one and only chance to separate themselves from Bush before the election, while doing something that would make them look like they were on the side of "the people."

It was rare and historic; no one could remember a time when a bill supported by the president and the leadership of both parties went down in defeat. That just never happens.

[Excerpt of an article by Michael Moore, Common Dreams]

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