Afghanistan demands timeline for end of military intervention

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan demanded at a meeting with a UN Security Council team that the international community set a "timeline" for ending military intervention in Afghanistan, his office said.

"If we don't have a clear idea of how long it will be, the Afghan government has no choice but to seek political solutions," Karzai's chief spokesman Homayun Hamidzada told AFP. seek a political solution to a Taliban-led insurgency.


Grant Montgomery said...

More recently, in a sign of growing tension between Afghanistan and its Western backers, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he would bring down U.S. planes bombing villages if he could.

Afghanistan has suffered its worst violence this year with at least a third of all killed being civilians.

Despite the presence of 65,000 foreign troops backing 130,000 Afghan security forces, Taliban insurgents have grown increasingly confident in their traditional heartland and also extended their influence close to the capital, Kabul.

Anonymous said...

Karzai could defend the Afghan people if he believed that were his primary duty. Remember who put him in power and why. It wasn't the Afghan people.

Karzai is the quisling to give an Afghan face to imperialism. If he is speaking out against the air attacks in public, chalk it up to political maneuvering to deceive gullible voters. Karzai's comments are for the consumption of Afghans. I doubt he says such things in private meetings with his American masters.