How not to do International Aid!

It's come to light that exorbitant sums of international aid designated to help alleviate the poverty in war-torn Afghanistan are being lavished by Western aid agencies on their own officials in the conflict-stricken country.

When international aid "comes to Afghanistan, it's spent on those people who have cars costing USD 60,000 and who live in houses with a USD 15,000 monthly rent. This money goes to these expenses -- 90 percent logistics and administration," says Ramazan Bashardost, an Afghan parliament member and former planning minister.

"I have just rented out this building for USD 30,000 a month to an aid organization. It was so expensive because it has 24 rooms with en-suite bathrooms as well as armored doors and bullet-proof windows," Torialai Bahadery, the director of Property Consulting Afghanistan said.

Meanwhile 77 percent of Afghans lack access to clean water.

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