11-year-old recognized for his part fighting homelessness

11-year-old Zach Bonner started his own nonprofit organization four years ago after a hurricane hit Florida. He asked his mother if they could donate their water bottles, and he gathered more from neighbors, an earnest little redheaded boy pulling his red wagon behind him. By the end, they had 27 truckloads of aid.

It was such a simple, innocent symbol of kindness that lots of people wanted to help. The Little Red Wagon Foundation kept growing.

And it got less simple. Somewhere along the road, Zach's little red wagon turned into an 18-wheeler.

Now a Los Angeles publicist with Prada glasses promotes Zach's walks to the media. Zach has met three presidents. He was scheduled to visit Elton John at his concert at Nationals Park and accept a $25,000 check.

And an Emmy-award winning journalist, Michael Guillen, is making a $5 million film about the Little Red Wagon.

When Guillen told him that the Philanthropy Project was going to make a movie about him, Zach dropped his head and cried a little, Guillen said. "He said, 'But I'm so small.' "

[The Washington Times]

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