Teen motivated to help children with disabilities

When the Multiple Sclerosis Society offered Krissy Dull a trip to Australia for her fundraising efforts for the 2004 MS Tour, the 15-year-old declined the award. Instead, she donated the value of the trip to the society's 2010 research campaign.

Teachers and friends know Dull as passionate, persistent and highly personable. Her persistence and dedication are spurred, she says, by her desire to help children with disabilities.

Dull worked to recruit friends and family members to be part of her team and engaged in fundraisers as diverse as cookbook sales and selling custom-made flip-flops and light-up wine bottles.

"She has an incredible passion," says Bland. "You can't tell her 'No.'" That passion is evident when Dull talks about her fundraising and her commitment to helping find a cure.

"It makes me sad to see people suffer," she says. "I've seen the advances we've made and it makes me happy to see us raise money and get closer to a cure."

[Excerpted from an article by Bart Ganzert in Philanthropy Journal]

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