Making money and doing good should go hand-in-hand

“Only 3 percent of the world's assets/funds are engaged in what's often referred to as ‘social innovation’ or ‘impact investing.’ It's known as the ‘97 vs. 3’ dilemma.

“Why are micro finance funds, NGOs and foundations the only ones playing big in this space? How will we ever get enough of these great ideas and programs to scale if we only approach them as philanthropic endeavors? Despite the good intentions and great work, the truth is that philanthropy -- in the broadest sense -- can rarely make the long-term impact business can.

“I think of it this way -- as the president of the Kraft Foods Foundation, I have about $100 million in cash and in-kind we can invest each year. But as Kraft Foods Inc, my company has literally billions to invest in the things we need to buy.”

--Perry Yeatman, Kraft Foods SVP, and President of the Kraft Foods Foundation

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