What Americans Give To

More than half of the money given to charity by Americans goes to religion, even though it ranks fourth when donors are asked which type of organization actually needs the money.

According to a national survey by The NonProfit Times and infogroup/Nonprofit, religion ranks behind education, health and civic organizations when Americans were asked which type of organization is most in need of financial help right now.

But when you examine the Giving USA numbers, the annual compilation of American philanthropy, religion has received more than one-third of giving by individuals in all years from 1992 through 2009.

Another interesting element of the results is how people changed in their outlook as they age. For example, the members of the 28-46 age group in 1992 are now 45 to 64, and respondents ages 45 to 64 in the survey are more likely to see religion as needing financial report than people in that generation did 18 years ago.

Also from the 2010 survey results, in response to the question "Which types of nonprofit organizations do you think is most in need of financial help right now?” 8 percent of respondents chose “overseas crisis/relief”.

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