March Madness Against Malaria

March is just around the corner, 64 teams are squaring off and millions of dollars are on the line. But the subject isn't college basketball -- it's malaria.

A group of hedge-fund managers have teamed up to raise money and boost awareness of the disease through an online fund-raising tournament dubbed Madness Against Malaria.

For every $5 raised, Madness Against Malaria will buy one bed net treated with insecticide to ward off disease-carrying mosquitoes. The nets will be distributed in malaria-prone regions by nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, including the International Federation of the Red Cross and Unicef.

Each year, 350 million to 500 million people world-wide get malaria, and more than one million die from it, most of them young children in sub-Saharan Africa.

[Excerpt of an article by Sally Beatty, The Wall Street Journal]

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Grant, thanks for pushing madness - please let people know that we are still welcoming people to form teams and get involved at

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