The Need to Communicate with Local Beneficiaries

A founding principle of Family Care Foundation is that we always work with and through the grassroots, just what is being recommended here. Simply put, we often find that our partners, the grassroots organizations themselves, often have the best perspective on the solutions needed, as well as the appropriate means of evaluation.

Family Care Foundation has found it most effective to leverage local expertise and work through people closest to the action. Family Care Foundation’s local partner in Banda Aceh wisely suggested, "Immediately after the tsunami emergency everyone gave from their hearts, which is what was needed at the time. But now is the time to give using our heads."

On this subject of using our heads, allow us to repeat a comment that a local villager shared with our Family Care Foundation Programs Director when he visited Aceh province, commenting on why and how various aid agencies and NGOs could achieve a greater measure of success.
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