Rekindling the Cold War with Russia

Monday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called for Russia to regain its influential position in former Cold War ally Cuba. The statement comes amid persistent speculation about whether Russia is seeking a military presence in a country just 90 miles (150 kilometers) from the United States in response to U.S. plans to place missile-defense elements in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Veteran correspondent Charley Reese expresses his concern thus:

Hopefully, the next U.S. president, whoever he is, will have sense enough to realize that an anti-missile site in Eastern Europe is not worth rekindling the Cold War with Russia.

Though the press pays little attention to it, the Bush administration has already practically wrecked relations with Russia by insisting on adding the Eastern European countries to NATO and siting anti-missile system there. The Russians are right that it represents a threat to their security.

President Bush's lame excuse is that the system is designed to protect Europe from Iranian missiles. I can't think of any reason whatsoever for Iran to attack Europe, and I'm sure the Iranians can't, either. Iran hasn't attacked anybody for more than 100 years. They would have absolutely nothing to gain by firing a few missiles at Europe. It doesn't make any sense at all.

[Excerpt of an article by Charley Reese, Anti-War]

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