Civilians Take Brunt of 7th Day of Gaza Attacks

The civilian death toll climbed in Israel's air offensive against the Gaza Strip.

At least 425 Palestinians have been killed and 2,000 wounded.

Meanwhile, 4 Israeli civilians have been killed by Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza, which strike southern cities at random.

A United Nations agency said the civilian death toll in Gaza was over 25 percent of the total killed in the violence. A leading Palestinian human rights group put it at 40 percent.

"These injuries are not survivable injuries," said Madth Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor at Gaza's Shifa hospital who could not save a boy who had both feet blown off. "This is a murder. This is a child," he said."

Nine mosques have been hit since last Saturday. "I will pray at home." said one man buying humus from a street stand. Another was defiant: "What better than to die while kneeling before God?" he said.


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