George W. Bush's presidency cost the country $11.5 trillion

In early October of 2008, Congress appropriated $700 billion to rescue Wall Street's financial institutions. Once that was done, the sky was the limit, and the numbers became dizzying.

In hopes of "breaking the momentum" of the current recession, President-elect Barack Obama is reportedly drafting a stimulus package that would cost the government as much $850 billion.

The new administration is already expected to inherit a $1.2 trillion deficit from Bush. The stimulus package would add to that record-breaking number.

Where has all the money gone? Here are five areas where Bush has approved massive outlays of taxpayer money.

Wall Street bailouts: $6 trillion [for details]

Iraq and Afghanistan wars: $3 trillion

Tax cuts and deficit spending: $2 trillion

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: $270 billion

9/11: $260 billion


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