Facebook co-founder starts philanthropic social-networking site

One of the whiz kids behind Facebook, Chris Hughes, is turning his attention to the nonprofit world.

Chris Hughes, now 26, also served as director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Today Hughes announced that his next project will be Jumo, a new social network set to start in the fall that will help people find causes and nonprofit organizations that they care about.

“The last thing I want to do is add yet another site to a nonprofit’s plate,” he says. “I don’t want them to have to go to yet another destination to share who they are and the work that they’re doing.”

The main objective, says Mr. Hughes, is to connect people to the issues and organizations that are likely to interest them as quickly as possible. “What I want to do is reach a point where people can’t say, 'I want to help. I don’t know any good, meaningful opportunities to do so. What can I do?’” he says. “I want to create a world where that statement is no longer possible.”

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