From Bosnia to Darfur

The Darfur region of Sudan is often described as the worst place on earth. Ethnic cleansing continues there, nearly three years after it first shocked the world. As many as 300,000 people are dead, and an estimated 2.4 million have been displaced.

The past few days have brought renewed attention to Darfur's despair. U.S. speedskater Joey Cheek donated his $40,000 in Olympic medal bonuses to a Sudanese relief effort. More significantly, President Bush outlined a fresh effort to end the killings with up to 20,000 United Nations troops and, possibly, a serious NATO role.

Bush's push is a step in the right direction but one that stops short of a solution. For that, the world needs to understand - and apply - the lessons of how Bosnia's murderous tribalism was tamed a decade ago. The Bosnia war ended when leaders of the warring factions were brought to an air base in Dayton, Ohio, and forced into an agreement. U.S.-led NATO forces then moved in.

A similar need exists in Darfur for a hard-charging, U.S.-led effort to bang together the heads of Sudan's leaders - because they are enabling the ethnic cleansing.

[From Opinion page USAToday]

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