What else we could have bought instead of War

Journalist Richard Reeves writes that the cost of the Iraqi War --just to date— could have “provided health care for 46 million Americans without health insurance, the hiring of 3.5 million elementary school teachers, or the construction of 2 million units of affordable housing”.

Pertaining to the theme of this blog, here’s a couple other things that could be on the shopping list if the investments in relieving suffering were applied internationally:

$200 Million could wipe out basic diseases that together kill 4 Million children every year. (Note that the cost of building the new U.S. Embassy in Iraq in itself cost 3 times as much --just under $600 Million!)

$40-$70 Billion is the figure that UNICEF concludes could totally reduce poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS and improve the plight of the world's children.

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