Scots top charity givers in the UK

It seems Scots are more likely than the rest of the UK to give to charity, with one in three prepared to donate, compared with one in four south of the border. Oxfam say its due to events such as the tsunami and the Asian earthquake.

News coverage of disasters and the aftermath hit a worldwide audience and it seems Scots were particularly affected.

Judith Robertson from Oxfam Scotland said "I think the events of 2005 have mobilized people. The make poverty history march in Edinburgh, the fact that G8 was in Scotland and 250 000 people marched there. People were energized and encouraged to do more and I think particularly in Scotland."

The research also shows that women are more generous than men with one in four donating money each month compared with one in five men.

Oxfam say while it's always important that people put their money where their mouth is, it is also crucial that they do not just give their cash but consider donating their time as well perhaps as a volunteer.

Source: Scotland Today

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