Gates-led micro-enterprise could help Africans survive and thrive

The retirement of Bill Gates from Microsoft continues to reverberate through the business world, but it's in the nonprofit community that the real shock waves will be felt.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded some of the most important and far-reaching aid and development initiatives ever seen. It has transformed the global health field from a poorly resourced cadre of experts to a networked, well-financed force for good. With today's tough challenges, Gates' move to full-time philanthropy is welcome news.

Micro-enterprise is a key to improving the standard of living and enhancing the quality of life for Africans today. If Bill Gates can do with these business opportunities what he did for Microsoft — and persuade others of the strength of this approach — the developing world may begin to flourish instead of simply developing.

[Excerpt of an article by Josh Ruxin, The Seattle Times]

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