U.S. Slips to 42nd Place in "Global Life Expectancy"

Despite spending $230 million an hour on healthcare, Americans live shorter lives than citizens of almost every other developed country. And while it has the second-highest income per head in the world, the United States ranks 42nd in terms of life expectancy.

These are some of the startling conclusions from a major new report which attempts to explain why the world's number-one economy has slipped to 12th place--from 2nd in 1990--in terms of human development.

The American Human Development Report, which applies rankings of health, education and income to the US, paints a surprising picture of a country that spends well over $5 billion each day on healthcare--more per person than any other country.

Each of the 11 countries that rank higher than the US in human development has a lower per-capita income.

[Excerpt of an article by Ashley Seager, The Guardian]

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