Generosity of the American people

The generosity of the American people is far more impressive than that of the US government.

The private aid and donations through charity from individual people and organizations is much more impressive, though this of course can be weighted to certain interests and areas.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to note for example, per latest estimates, Americans privately give at least $34 billion overseas .

This is more than twice the US official foreign aid of $15 billion (at that time):

American NGOs: $6.6 billion in grants, goods and volunteers.

Religious overseas ministries: $3.4 billion, including health care, literacy training, relief and development.

International giving by US foundations: $1.5 billion per year

Charitable giving by US businesses: $2.8 billion annually

Personal remittances to developing countries: $18 billion

It is certainly noteworthy what NGOS and religious overseas ministries, that is generally smaller non profit organizations, are doing in the field of international relief and development.

Certainly an argument could be made that these are the organizations that deserve our support, and via whom we'll get the best bang for our buck.

Source of above statistics: Dr. Carol Adelman, Aid and Comfort, Tech Central Station

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