MAKEpovertyHISTORY campaign

Supporters of the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign called on the UK government to fight for positive progress at the UN's 2005 World Summit.

As with the G8 summit in Scotland in July, campaigners are asking the Prime Minister to urge the world leaders gathered in New York to act now to end extreme poverty, which kills 30,000 children every day.

The white band - global symbol of the campaign to make poverty history - will be worn on wrists, draped on buildings, tied to lampposts, trees and statues. Each campaigner will be joining millions around the world, demanding that the promises made through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) should be kept.

Richard Bennett, Chair of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY said: "On July 2 in Edinburgh, a quarter of a million people gathered to demand that the G8 leaders deliver real change on debt cancellation, trade justice and more and better aid. The G8 responded by promising some steps, but these now need to be built on and delivered."

"As with the G8 summit in Scotland in July, we are asking the Prime Minister to represent our wishes, this time in New York. We ask him to show global leadership and urge every world leader to make the decisions necessary to consign poverty to the history books."

White Band Day II is the day when millions of campaigners united around the world in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty will stand up and be counted and demand justice for the poorest people of the world.

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