What has our Tax Money Bought?

What has our tax money bought in Iraq? The short answer: War and frustration.

Another question: What hasn't it bought?

EVERY MINUTE Two Million Dollars is spent worldwide for military purposes.

Just 3 HOURS of military spending, $200 Million, could wipe out basic diseases that together kill 4 Million children every year.

The cost of one Stealth bomber could supply all of India with clean drinking water. (Current population: 1 Billion people)

Just 10 DAYS of military spending, ($30 Billion), could provide a 10-year plan to provide clean water for the poor of the entire developing world.

Just 18 DAYS of military spending yearly could eradicate malnutrition worldwide.

Question: What has our tax money bought as far as the Iraqi War?
Answer: Read the following article "Iraqis Frustrated with Diversions" on this blog for the long answer to this question.

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